Fertilizer Division

We introduce the facility of Saturn Bio Tech Corp.
An eco-friendly company that is supplying Keunson, the byword for soluble silicate.

Production facilities

Manufacturing Technology

Granule batch production line

Liquid batch production line

Fertilizer Division Video

How to produce “Keunson”, the byword for water soluble silicate?

Keunson products are made up with main raw materials of silicate that has been produced by heating silica in high temperature natural zeolite, which have been produced though the technology development experience of Saturn Bio Tech Corp. over 15 years and they have now become the byword for soluble silicate.

R&D Center

The annex R&D center of Saturn Bio Tech CORP. has been established for the research of farming materials of development for farmers to produce eco-friendly/quality agricultural products in easy way, which has got the recognition of company annexed research institute from Korea Industrial Technology Association.

Research room

It is consisted with the research manpower with various major knowledge and ample experience in the overall agriculture, each researcher is participating in the academic research activities and various projects carried out by the national organizations, and they are trying to find solutions of all sorts of troubles from the farming field through research activities in depth and own experimental field.